Misty River Consulting

Finding solutions, delivering results.

MRC's Statement of Purpose

Misty River Consulting’s (MRC) mission is to assist organizations learn why and how to continually improve their effectiveness and efficiency in a measurable bottom line fashion. MRC’s intent is to not only assist organizations to survive, but also to thrive in today’s dynamic climate by engaging all employees in improvement of superior value delivery and of process performance through effective organizational leadership technique.

How Can MRC Help You?

We assist our clients by providing an integrated and tailored set of services that work together to meet the client’s needs and objectives. These may include:

  • Strategic behavioral change services (including Continuous Improvement Strategy, Lean Office or Manufacturing, Strategic Analysis and Planning, Succession Planning)
  • Training and Development and Organizational Development
  • Process Performance modeling and information system development & implementation assistance
  • Individual or group consultation services
  • Professional keynote addresses, half-day workshops, or full day seminars
  • Books, publications, statistical software solutions, and training tools.